Burning Up The Record Books

Burning Up The Record Books

Written by Wendy Petion

BUFFALO, NY - Sisters Megan and Katelyn Burns of UB's Swimming & Diving team talk about growing up together competing in the same sport.

Who would've known that just an hour away in Rochester, NY two siblings would grow up to be Division I athletes playing the same sport at the same school? Megan and Katelyn Burns have both made great strides throughout their careers here at UB and continue to do so this season as the team accomplishes an undefeated regular season.

Megan Burns, a senior Nursing major, is considered by many to be one of the greatest sprinters the swimming team at UB has seen yet. She has exceeded expectations throughout her entire career especially this season where she maintained a consistent first place title in each 50 and 100 Freestyle races she's competed in. This Burns' sister has a season-best time of 22.59 and 48.89 respectively in the 50 and 100 Freestyles competitions.

Katelyn Burns, a sophomore Biomedical Sciences major, has also made great progress here at UB. Just like her sister Katelyn's specialty lies in the Freestyle variety. With a career best time of 23.59 and 51.18 respectively in the 50 and 100 Freestyle, this Burns' sister continues to inch closer to her older sister's record with each meet she competes in. Katelyn stated her first year at UB was a year of conditioning preparing her for her seasons to come.

For the sisters, swimming is something they grew up with practically their whole lives "We used to go to my aunt's pool when we were really young, and I'd watch the older kids swim and I would take my life jacket off at three years old and jump in. We just loved being in the pool so our mom just put us in swimming" says Katelyn.

UB isn't the first time the two have been on the same team together. Katelyn recalls watching her older sister swim in a local club team before she was of age to join herself and remembers wanting to join her sister in the pool. The sisters have been on two teams together before coming to UB and even stated that they continued swimming when they were younger because of the friendships they made with teammates over the years.

Being on the same team however has never brought on competition between the sisters, in fact Katelyn mentioned how she liked having Megan to look up to and it's motivated her to shoot for faster times. The sisters maintain a close relationship in and out of the pool even living together in the same apartment here in Buffalo.

"It's nice because we're friends" says Megan.

What you can expect from the sisters and the rest of the swimming & diving team this week at the MAC Championships is hopefully more of the same results. "Our expectations are to keep doing what we're doing, because we've done really well in that aspect" says Katelyn. Their coach Andy Bashor wants the girls to focus on having fun and trying their best. The Burns sisters however both agree that this year may be one of the team's best years yet.