Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

The University at Buffalo Sports Medicine Staff provides prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses to student-athletes.  These duties are completed under the direction of team physician, Dr. Robert Smolinksi, and various medical care providers to deliver the best care possible for the student-athletes. 

With top of the line facilities and skilled professionals utilizing evidence-based techniques, we provide aid to the student-athlete’s recovery and success.


The University  at Buffalo Sports Medicine Staff will strengthen the athletics department by delivering the highest quality medical care to its student-athletes regardless of gender, race, creed or scholarship status.


The University at Buffalo Sports Medicine Department strives to provide evidence-based, individualized care to our student-athletes, while keeping their integrity within the team at the University at Buffalo.  Our medical care professionals are compassionate to the beliefs of the student-athlete and deliver the appropriate attention to their needs.


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