Sports Performance

Morris Center Weight Room


Our Philosophy:

  1. PLAYER SAFETY– Player safety when under supervision of the strength and conditioning staff is of utmost importance. We accomplish this through proper exercise selection, proper spotting techniques, and diligent coaching and instruction of all movements performed by every student-athlete.
  2. COMPETITION- All training sessions will have some form of competition. These daily competitions drive our athletes to achieve higher levels of success knowing that their performance has implications for their team.
  3. CHALLENGES – Daily challenges will occur during all training sessions. While typically simple in nature, these tasks challenge our athletes to remain focused and work together amidst fatigue.
  4. EXCITING TRAINING ENVIRONMENT- Bringing great energy to a training session is 100% within your control; therefore all athletes and coaches will be expected to show great excitement to have the opportunity to train.
  5. VARIETY- To avoid becoming stagnant, training will be varied on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. While key movements will be constant in the program, various components such as exercise selection, load, volume, and tempo will be changed every training session.
  6. MENTAL TOUGHNESS- By executing daily mundane tasks at a high level and being able to persevere through adversity, our athletes will develop an unquestionable level of mental toughness that will translate to on-field success. 

Student-athletes have access to over 8,000 square feet of strength training facilities in both the Alumni and Morris Sports Performance weight rooms. A full range of free weight equipment, state of the art Legend Equipment make the facilities a premier setting for intense training that is constant, sensible and systematic over designated periods of time.

Strength and Conditioning staff personally oversee the development of each student-athlete. The staff stresses an intensive, physical program that leads to success and confidence on and off the playing field.

All programs are evaluated daily and each individual's progress is charted and monitored with the aid of computer technology. While the student-athlete's physical progress is gauged through a battery of testing procedures, the strength and conditioning staff also helps each individual set training goal’s, which strive for complete excellence.

Each strength and conditioning program is sport specific. Strength, speed, agility, conditioning, agility and movement, flexibility and nutrition education are components of each program for the student-athletes. The year-round program is divided into three periods: pre-season, in-season and off-season. During the pre-season and off-season, student-athletes are involved in a heavy and intensive program; participation during the competitive season is limited to a few times a week.


Nutritional education is a very important aspect of the total program. Student-athletes need to be cognizant of how much food they need to eat in order to perform consistently at a high level. The strength and conditioning staff is continually educating the student-athletes on the importance of good nutrition and the choices they need to make, especially during their competitive season.


Matt Gildersleeve Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jon Girard Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning for Football
Conor McNally Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach


Angelo Buono Strength & Conditioning Coach (Cross Country, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Women's Tennis, Track & Field)
Phil Ryan Strength & Conditioning Coach (Men's Tennis, Wrestling)
Mike Snowden Strength & Conditioning Coach (Men's Basketball, Volleyball)
Annette Stutzman Strength & Conditioning Coach (Women's Basketball, Soccer)